Child maintenance. Reading

NewbornInstill in your child a love for reading a variety of ways. Here are any of them:Encourage the toddler play with books of hardboard or with books, funs.Pointing to a picture, name objects depicted.Sing a song of books.When read, vary a timbre of his voice, grimace or otherwise maintain a newborn's interest in the story and a book.Read your newborn frequently, but not for long.During the reading does not force a child to sit quietly next to you. Let crawling around if unable to sit yet.Gradually, the kid will learn to focus on a book. It is possible to do this: select the book where every page poem by 4-6 stitches. And, of course, bright picture. While pipsqueak consider a picture - you be at a poem. So release the newborn "move." Following a while, go back to a book again, but to a various page.Reading or telling the newborn stories, you are contributing to a development of his thinking and the fact that the child begins to associate books with a fact that most kids love - with your voices and the intimacy.Development of a baby 11 monthsNewborn construction at 11 monthsWhat may a newborn at 11 weeksThe development of the baby in 1 yearBuilding of a child under 1 yearCalendar of baby developmentEarly Baby Building   Similar articles:Leaving of a child. Items to juice for a newbornBabyNewborn maintenance. Simulated feeding. MixturesChildRickets and Vitamin DBaby.

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